Nick Viall, 'The Bachelor' for season 21, meets the 30 women competing for his heart

Season 21 of "The Bachelor" kicked off with Nick Viall marveling over the fact that he is the ACTUAL "Bachelor." It may be hard for some to believe after his several unsuccessful attempts at love, but really, he's a good looking, nice guy! It's exciting that he's finally getting a shot at this thing where the deck is stacked in his favor. It would be nice to see a happy ending for Nick after all he has been though.

Nick didn't go into this process blind. He had plenty of advice from his family, and his fan-favorite little sister Bella. But in addition to that, past "Bachelors" Sean, Chris, and Ben try to give him some tips. Sean jokingly said that most people see Nick as a "tool bag" but he's hopeful this experience will change that. Basically, they all just told him to be himself.

Then we got to meet some of the women vying for Nick's heart. First up was Rachel. She's 31-years-old, from Dallas, Texas, and she's a very successful attorney. Keep in mind; we're seeing these women featured for a reason. Most of them will likely make it pretty far in the show, or provide some kind of entertainment. In this case, I think we could be looking at our next "Bachelorette" if she doesn't win over Nick in the end.

Danielle is 27, from LA, and she owns a chain of nail salons. She's 27! She seems pretty amazing, plus she's gorgeous to boot.

Vanessa is 28, from Canada, speaks three languages, is very close with her Italian family, and teaches French to special education students. She's looking forward to being a mom someday and Nick, being from a big family, might find that very appealing. Honestly, the women this season are pretty amazing!

Josephine is 24 and from Santa Cruz, California. She's an interesting lady. She's a nursing student who seems to spend a lot of time with her cat. She's the goofball of the season.

Raven from Hoxie, Arkansas is your small town girl. She seems like she would be a great match for someone like Chris Soules, except she's pretty young at 25. She runs a clothing store.

Corrine seems like a socialite of Miami. She's 24 and helps run her family's multi-million dollar business. She has a nanny named Raquel who serves her snacks and waits on her hand and foot. Something about her whole situation and attitude lead me to believe that she "might" be this season's "villain," we'll see.

Alexis is a 23-year-old Jersey Girl from Secaucus. She's kind of a weirdo and loves to dress up in costumes. You know she will have a crazy introduction ready for Nick. She's obsessed with dolphins. Her family basically begged her to cool it with the dolphin stuff, but she can't seem to help herself.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, is the soft-spoken, squeaky-voiced Danielle. She's a mature 31 and lives in Nashville. She works as a neo-natal intensive care nurse so she spends LOTS of time with babies!

Taylor is 23 years old and works as a Mental Health Counselor in Seattle. She has her master's degree and she takes her job very seriously and specializes in relationships. Will she have the right diagnosis to help Nick find love? She's bi-racial and seems to have struggled with that but she says that despite her past troubles, she's ready for love.

Liz is 29 and works as a Doula in Las Vegas. That means she's by a woman's side, providing emotional support as they give birth. It's a strenuous and demanding job! Turns out NICK KNOWS the biblical sense. They got together at Jade and Tanner's wedding! She was Jade's maid of honor and she and Nick hooked up after the reception. Nick asked her for her number, but Liz declined! She thought if it was meant to be, it would. What?! How bizarre. So now she's here on TV trying to compete with 29 other women for him.

Time for the limos! First Nick got out and walked up to a waiting Chris Harrison. This is real; this is happening, time to meet the ladies!

The first woman out was Danielle L. our nail salon owner that we met earlier. Wowza, is that a dress, or is that a dress?! Nick certainly seemed to like what he saw.

Next was Elizabeth, a 24-year-old Marketing Manager from Dallas. She admitted that she was really nervous, but they complimented each other on how great they looked.

Rachel the lawyer came out of the limo and Nick told her she had a beautiful dress. She talked about her fantasy team and how she only wanted to "make plays" with him. Not the strongest intro, but he liked it.

25-year-old Christen, a wedding videographer from Tulsa did a dance with a yellow fan that matched her yellow dress as she approached Nick. He gave her a round of applause as she asked him if he thought she was crazy. He told her he liked her creativity. She admitted that she felt like she was meeting a celebrity and commented that he was taller than she expected him to be.

Taylor the mental health counselor was out next and Nick said, "Don't worry you got this," to set her mind at ease. Then she said that her friends called him a "Complete piece of $h**!" He was like, "I can't wait to meet her friends." Yikes.

Kristina, 24, from Lexington, Kentucky, told him she's there for him and to get to know him. Well, what else would she be there for? Oh wait, TV time I suppose?

Angela, 26, a model from Greenville, SC, was stunning in her red dress. She may actual win the award for best red there are several. That is apparently the color of the season! She told Nick she wouldn't be there if it weren't him.

Lauren, a 30-year-old law school graduate from Naples, Florida, told Nick that they were both blessed with terrible last names. Nick's is of course Viall, pronounced Vile. Hers is hussy...and together they are a Viall Hussey-Vile Hussy or "a disgusting slut." Nice. If they end up together, she may want to skip the hyphenation and just take his last name.

24-year-old Michelle is a food truck owner from Los Angeles and she drove up in her food truck to meet Nick although we didn't get to see that! There are photos of it though as evidenced above.

Dominique, a 25-year-old Restaurant Server from LA said that she hopes the 4th time is the charm for him.

Youngin' 23-year-old Ida Marie from Texas is a Sales Manager. She told him trust if very important and she asked Nick to do a trust fall with her.

25-year-old Olivia is an Apparel Sales Representative from Alaska. She showed up in a fur coat and gave him an Eskimo kiss and let Nick try on her coat.

Sarah is a 26-year-old Grade School Teacher from Newport Beach, CA, who came running up to Nick in some sneakers...because he might appreciate another "runner up"...get it?

29-year-old Jasmine G. is a Pro Basketball Dancer in San Francisco. She actually called Neil Lane, the diamond guy; out of the limo so that she could show Nick the engagement ring she likes right off the bat to "take it off his plate."

Then it was a bit shocking when Hailey, a 23-year-old photographer from Canada, asked Nick if he knew what a girl wearing underwear says. He said he didn't know, and she said, neither do I. What?! Sheesh.

Astrid, 26, came out of the limo speaking German. She works as a Plastic Surgery Office Manager in Tampa. She said "sex" but Nick had no idea what she said.

Liz, the woman who already hooked up with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding, pulled up and introduced herself to Nick. She didn't tell him that they previously met. He looked a bit stunned. He told her she looks fantastic and said he would talk to her inside and asked for one more hug. Liz felt like that meant that he didn't recognize her...but he did.

Chris Harrison asked what the deal with the last girl was and Nick said that he knew her from Jade and Tanner's wedding. He said he's 99% certain it's her. That's the halfway point for arrivals.

Corrine was out next and she just said that she was there for him and expected a crazy journey. She gave him a "hug token" to cash in later.

Vanessa, the special Ed teacher, spoke French to Nick and she told him that he would have to find her for the translation of what she said. She nearly forgot to introduce herself so then they said their introductions in French to each other. He told her he thought she looked great and she asked for a hug to which he said, "Absolutely." As she walked away, Nick said, "That's a keeper."

Our neonatal nurse Danielle gave Nick a bottle of homemade maple syrup created by her dad. He licked it off her finger.

Raven said, "Wooo Pig Suey!" That's an introduction! They did a cheer and she asked him to find him inside. He thinks she has a really cute voice.

Jaimi is a 28-year-old Chef from New Orleans. She told him she had sweaty hands and she admitted that she watched his journey and said that he has "Balls" and so does she. She pulled out her nose ring that has two little balls on it. Ick.

Briana is 28 and a surgical unit nurse from Salt Lake City. She asked Nick if she could listen to his heart.

Susannah, 26, an account manager from San Diego gave Nick a "beard massage." He said he had never had one before, but he didn't mind it!

Our cat lover Josephine shared an uncooked hotdog with Nick "Lady in the Tramp" style out of a book, because he's "a wiener" in her book. Yikes. Something tells me she's not the one. As she walked in, the ladies realized that nearly half of them were wearing red dresses!

Brittany, 26, a travel nurse from Santa Monica, asked Nick to bend over and she put on a rubber glove to make sure he was "clean." Weird!

Jasmine B. is a 25-year-old Flight Attendant from Tacoma, WA, and a fellow red dress wearer.

25-year-old Whitney, a Pilates instructor from Minnesota, also wore a red dress.

Then yet another girl arrived in a red dress, this time on a camel! Lacey who is 25 said, "I'm sure you like a good hump, and so do I." Really? She's from Manhattan, and is a Digital Marketing Manager. It's not like she owns a camel in NYC, so I'm guessing the producers set that one up.

The introduction that is sure to be talked about as being the most ridiculous was by Alexis, our Jersey Girl. She came out in a shark/dolphin costume. She claims it's a dolphin, but really it looks like a shark costume to the rest of the world. Also, she's wearing high heels and the costume. She said she's just grateful she didn't wear a red dress too.

Once the introductions were over, Nick entered Bachelor Mansion to welcome the ladies and kick off the first cocktail party. The first conversation we got to see was between Nick and Rachel. They had a really natural talk that seemed to flow well. Nick loved talking to her! He said that she stands out to him.

Fan Girl Christen taught him how to ballroom dance and they seemed to make a connection. During his talk with Danielle, he couldn't take his eye off the deep plunging V-neck of her dress. It wasn't long before Chris Harrison came out with the First Impression Rose. Now that it's out there, the women seemed to up their game and started getting more aggressive to get time to talk to Nick.

Corrine had a nice talk with Nick and they did seem to have a little moment when talking about her tokens. She chickened out of kissing him, but she planned to try again later.

Vanessa told Nick that she said that she would want to go on "The Bachelor" if he was on it and her friend told her that it would never happen, but it did! She says that she felt sparks flying, but it was short-lived because Corrine came back! She went in for the kiss. It seemed ok, but Nick was a little caught off guard. A lot of women saw it happen and they think it was "a bit much." Now she's got a target on her back with the ladies.

Jasmine G. tried to steal him away but got shut down; she started to cry because she's feeling rejected over the fact that she can't even get a word in with Nick. I mean, there's a dolphin shark going around calling Nick from the pool. That's tough to compete with. Of course he has to give that some attention! She wanted to take her costume off but he told her if she did, the only thing he could assure her is that she's going home, ha!

Next up, Liz and Nick hashed out their past. Nick was like; obviously I know it's you from the wedding. Liz was like, "Oh you remember?" He seemed offended that she thought that of him. She told him that she didn't want him to think that she was there only because he's "The Bachelor." He said that she turned him down and she could have gotten his number from Jade and Tanner in the past nine months anytime. Liz said she's a believer in "crossing paths" again and that she had a stereotype of him and "Bachelor in Paradise" changed her opinion. He was like, but why didn't you think I was great when you met me the first time. The model came over to interrupt them, and he took that as his out from the conversation.

Squeaky Danielle, the neonatal nurse, spoke with Nick about her career. She had high hopes for that first impression rose, but Nick passed her by! He decided to give it to Rachel! Corrine was flabbergasted! Vanessa was shocked! Rachel of course accepted the rose, and she pretended she didn't know if was a First Impression Rose. Um yeah right. She's a lawyer, she seems like she's always informed! Nick even went in for a kiss!

Then it was time for Nick to hand out roses at his first rose ceremony. The only woman with a rose so far is Rachel, as she received the first impression rose. Additional roses were given to:
2) Vanessa (speaks three languages)
3) Danielle L. (The deep V neck)
4) Christen (Fan girl)
5) Astrid (crude)
6) Corrine (the rich kisser)
7) Elizabeth W. (who?)
8) Jasmine G. (freaked out earlier)
9) Raven (Pig Suey)
10) Christine (the crier, she'll be annoying)
11) Danielle M. (the quiet talking nurse)
12) Sarah (the runner up)
13) Josephine (Crazy cat lady)
14) Lacey (Camel Hump)
15) Tailor (Potty mouth)
16) Alexis (Dolphin Shark!)
17) Hailey (Insecure)
18) Whitney (Who?)
19) Dominique (no idea...)
20) Jaime (She's got nose balls)
21) Brittany (Thinks everyone is beautiful)
22) Liz (Wedding night romp)

All of the girls will HATE Liz when they find out that she already had her way with Nick! Ha it's going to be hilarious! She's vowing to not tell anyone, but I'm guessing that won't last. The Eskimo kisser, the model in the red dress, Lauren in the gold dress (she had a sad goodbye), and Briana all said goodbye to Nick along with a few others.

The preview for the season showed a fun date with "The Backstreet Boys," Jaime talking about her relationship with a woman, Liz's secret gets out of course, Corrine is the villain who openly talks about trying to have sex with Nick, Vanessa seems to think Nick makes bad decisions, there's a scene of him crying in front of all the women, and then the scene from the finale where it appears he makes a decision on someone! Hopefully she says "YES!"
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