Bride sues reality series to delay showing dress before wedding

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ABC's Nick Watt has the story.

A bride-to-be who made headlines when she sued TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress" in an effort to delay the airing of her episode is speaking out, claiming the reality series is ruining her big day after a judge said the show must go on.

Ali Godino is set to marry professional hockey player Jeff May in May, but she became upset after learning her episode would air on March 25.

"It really has whirlwinded into this nightmare," she said. "I'm pretty sure every woman who ever got married or dreamed of getting married can understand."

She says the groom can't see the dress, and that no one should see the dress prior to the big day.

On September 1, Godino flew from her home in Las Vegas to New York City, where she dropped a reported $20,000 on a dress that according to her legal complaint was "one of the most elegant and expensive in the store."

Producers from "Say Yes to the Dress" approached because their bride has bailed, and they asked if Godino would save the day. She says she agreed, but under the condition that the show not air until after her wedding. She then signed an appearance release.

After finding out in February that the episode was set for March 25, she pleaded with producers, who woouldn't budge. With just 32 hours prior to airtime, they appeared in a Manhattan courtroom.

"What the judge decided was that Ali, if that episode went through, went on tomorrow, would not be irreparably harmed by it," attorney Frank Taddeo, Jr., said. "The show can go on."

TLC responded to ABC News with the following statement:

"Many of them have had their episodes air before their wedding, and an air date is not promised or solidified at filming. Given the court ruling, we will be moving forward with the originally slated airing of our episode."

But the ruling doesn't sit well with Godino.

"Everyone's kind of seen me as a bride before I was actually a bride," she said
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