Cedric Yarbrough and John Ross Bowie talk about starring in ABC's 'Speechless'

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Jennifer Matarese interviews two of the stars of this new hit comedy on ABC. (WABC)

The hit ABC comedy "Speechless" is moving into week two tonight, and two of the stars, Cedric Yarbrough (Kenneth) and John Ross Bowie (Jimmy DiMeo), took some time out to talk about what makes this series so fun to watch.

The DiMeo family just moved into a new school district for what seems like the millionth time to the kids. They move a lot to try to get the best care for their eldest son, "JJ", who has cerebral palsy.

As you watch the show, you realize that it is not about the disability, it is about this hilarious family and how they interact with all of the people around them. The mother, "Maya DiMeo" played by Minnie Driver will stop at nothing to get her son the best. Her husband, Jimmy, really has to balance her energy out. "There's a quiet strength to Jimmy that I haven't had the chance to play before as an actor," Bowie said. He added that this does not fall into the typical sitcom trap of the overbearing wife and the dad who is afraid of her.

Both work alongside Micah Fowler who plays "JJ," who also has cerebral palsy in real life. "Kenneth" works with "JJ" as his speech interpreter and Yarbrough said, "I think people are going to like watching JJ and Kenneth get into these weird and strange adventures together."

But don't expect there to be a "message" each episode. First and foremost this is a comedy and the actors both said their main goal is to make people laugh. Bowie called any additional message the "sprinkles on the ice cream." He just wants people to laugh and be able to deal with life's problems with a lot of humor.

Don't miss the second episode tonight at 8:30 p.m. EDT on ABC!
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