Costume superstore has the hottest Halloween trends

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Not surprising are this years top sellers:everything Playboy as an homage to Hef. One version of the Hugh Hefner costume sold out already at Fantasy Costumes on Chicago's Northwest Side.

The store says the "It" clown has also been very popular.

Halloween's less than a week away, so if you're still in the market for a costume these are two fresh ideas.

Fantasy Costume can also turn you into everything from a princess to president.

"We probably have seven, 800 different styles of mask," said store owner George Garcia as he gazed at wall after wall of mask--clowns, monsters and celebrities all there.

Garcia opened the shop 50 years ago as a custom wig store. But it became a Halloween powerhouse over time, now stretching down an entire city block.

Kids costumes have their own room.

There's an aisle devoted to facial hair and many more rows of accessories, bowties and bling alike.

That's just the beginning.

"No one has makeup like us," boasted Garcia, pointing to a display counter resembling something out of a department store.

There are almost too many choices.

"I'm overwhelmed. I don't know which bitemark to go with," chuckled first-time customer Olivia Moreno.

There are always tried and true options like Disney characters and superheroes. You can go simple or spend hundreds on intricate designs.

Any character you dream up can come to life with the shop's diverse offerings.

For everything on the shelves, there's so much more in storage. Staff estimate inventory is in the hundreds of thousands between the store, in-house storage and warehouse down the street.

It's all available at 4065 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago 24 hours a day until Halloween.
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