'Dancing with the Stars' celebs share their most memorable years

This week was the "Dancing with the Stars" traditional stroll down memory lane, as the celebrities shared their "most memorable year."

This week was the "Dancing with the Stars" traditional stroll down memory lane, as the celebrities shared their "most memorable year."

The idea behind this emotion-packed show is to celebrate, through dance, a time in each of their lives that left a lasting impression.

Have the tissues ready, dance fans; these stories and performances have a direct route from the heart to the tear ducts!

Here's a rundown of the night's routines, from highest score to lowest:

Jordan Fisher: 29 out of 30
That's right we have the first 10 of the season... and there were two of them! Jordan's contemporary routine celebrated the love he feels for his grandparents, who were like his parents. They raised him since he was born, and officially adopted him in 2005. Jordan says their selflessness saved his life, and what could have been a tough life wasn't because he always felt loved. BIG hug and BIG tears with Mom and Dad who are in the audience for the performance this week. Head judge Len Goodman called the dance simply fantastic; Bruno Tonioli thought it was flawless, open hearted, and a work of art; Carrie Ann Inaba felt the duo brought pure love and gratitude to the dance floor.

Victoria Arlen: 27 out of 30
Victoria's memorable year is right now, 2017, because not only can she walk again, she can dance! She remembers doctors saying she'd never recover from her neurological issues. But she's a fighter and wanted her story to end on her terms. In 2010 she started getting some feeling back in her hands; then her speech returned. And she defied every doctor and expert who said she would never be out of her wheelchair. Val choreographed a foxtrot to mirror her journey, from wheelchair to the ballroom. All three judges gave her a 9, and said they were inspired by her journey and strength of character.

Lindsey Stirling: 26 out of 30
Lindsey was very close to her late father and she chose the year he passed away from cancer as her most memorable year. Not because it's sad (although it is) but because the experience taught her to celebrate the time she did have with him rather than dwell on what she was losing. Her dad always wore a hat and a scarf, and for the routine, Mark wore them in tribute. Through tears, Carrie Ann thanked Lindsey for being a unique artist and for dancing this wonderful tribute; Bruno called it a gorgeous and magical dance, almost dream-like, with Lindsey dancing with her soul.

Nikki Bella: 24 out of 30
Nikki's memorable year was 2016, the year she made her comeback into the wrestling ring following a serious neck injury. After an MRI showed she was dangerously close to becoming paralyzed, Nikki spent time in the hospital taking care of herself, but all the while feared she may never wrestle professionally again. She fought back and trained hard and seven months later, Fearless Nikki was back. Artem choreographed a beautiful contemporary routine to the tune "Fight Song". Carrie Ann called the dance a breakthrough, and praised Nikki for connecting her heart, body and emotions into a perfect blend of artistry and power.

Vanessa Lachey: 24 out of 30
Vanessa lets us know her family is her proudest achievement in life. She did not have an easy upbringing so it has always been important to Vanessa to have a close family. She had easy pregnancies with her first two children. She and husband Nick didn't expect anything to go wrong with the third. But little Phoenix Robert Lachey was born at 29 weeks and was in an incubator for a while. Both parents said they never felt so helpless. But Phoenix is a tough little guy, and he is now a healthy happy almost-10-month-old.

Frankie Muniz: 24 out of 30
Frankie hit a bit of a rough patch last week with the samba and the fact that his body just can't quite make those Latin moves. He was back with a ballroom dance this week, the quickstep, and you could sense the joy. Frankie's most memorable year is this one. Right here. Right now. He's very focused on living in the present and says he has never been happier. Part of his decision to live his best life right now is because he has problems with his memory. Frankie's had nine concussions, and several TIA's. He's not sure if that's what causes his memory issues, but he's chosen not to wallow in any of the drama and clearly it's working for him. Len thought the dance was light and filled with content; Bruno was happy to see the spring in his step return and told him to keep it up!

Terrell Owens: 24 out of 30
Terrell danced in tribute to his late grandmother this week. His memorable "years" were really all the time he was able to spend with her. She raised him and was clearly the driving force in his life. Grandma was diagnosed with dementia in 1996, Terrell's rookie year in pro football. He said she was his inspiration and motivation and gave him the best advice: you don't have to be perfect, you just have to be there! Terrell and Cheryl's Viennese waltz is his best dance yet, and Terrell bursts into tears at the end of the routine to Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing". Bruno told Terrell he looked elegant, smart, and showed great poise; Carrie Ann praised him for continuing to "show up" and keep trying, and this week he elevated his performance to a new level.

Sasha Pieterse: 24 out of 30
Sasha's most memorable year is 2016. It's the year her long-running show "Pretty Little Liars" ended; it's also the year she got engaged. Sasha was feeling about endings and beginnings, and wanted to dance about ending one chapter, starting a new one, and knowing there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It was yet another round of 8's from the judges, with all three praising her ballroom skills and the lovely quality she brings to the ballroom.

Drew Scott: 24 out of 30
Drew went back 10 years for his most memorable. In 2007, he decided it was time to really go after the biggest dream in his heart: he wanted to be an actor. Drew left his successful real estate career to pursue acting. He did not succeed, but he learned a valuable lesson. If your dreams are crushed, find a new dream! He had the idea to combine his love for television with his real estate business (and brother Jonathan's contractor skills) and "Property Brothers" was born. He and Emma's dance is a jive that is nothing but energy and joy. And the best part: Jonathan joins them on the dance floor for the last bit of the routine. The judges loved it.

Derek Fisher: 23 out of 30
Derek and his family went through a very dark time in 2007 when they learned his then-10-month-old daughter had a rare form of eye cancer. During the time of her treatment, Fish realized his basketball career didn't mean as much as his family, so he walked away from a multimillion dollar contract to take care of his little girl. She is doing great now, and he wants to celebrate having her in his life. Sharna choreographs a jazz routine that was uplifting to everyone, including the judges.

Nick Lachey: 22 out of 30
Nick celebrates 2011, his wedding year, as his most memorable. He said for as long as he can remember, he wanted to be married and have a family. He revealed his bond with Vanessa was instant, and he knew he had met his soul mate. Peta choreographed a touching contemporary routine that Carrie Ann thought was his best dance yet; Len called the dance poignant, touching and sensitive; and Bruno applauded Nick for showing the intensity of his feelings.

The elimination at the end of the show came mercifully quickly. Nick Lachey and Derek Fisher were the two celebrities in jeopardy. In the end, it was Derek's turn to leave the dance floor.

Next week: Disney Night!
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