franklyHANK: Fifty Shades, Spooked, and Creed 2

Another Fifty Shades book is coming. "Darker: Fifty Shades as Told by Christian" will hit bookstores and e-readers on November 28th. This is the second book to be told from Christian's point-of-view. The publisher says readers will see a "more darker, haunted version of Christian's character." This is the second book of the Fifty Shades trilogy told from Christian's POV. The first was "Grey," released in 2015.

I stumbled on a great new podcast you should check out. "Spooked" from WNYC Studios (hyperlink: ) tells real-life stories of the paranormal from the people who experienced them. here are 8 episodes as of this writing ranging from voices warning of danger to a female ghost who still lives in the house she died in to a really freaky story of a bar filled with haunted patrons. I am loving everything about this podcast, but a warning, do not listen to it at home alone. It will really get you SPOOKED!

"Creed 2"
Fans who loved the film "Creed" can rejoice because Sylvester Stallone says there will not only be a "Creed 2," but he's also directing it! Michael B. Jordan will again star. The film starts shooting next year. No release date yet. Stallone not only wrote all of the Rocky films pre-Creed, but also directed Rocky films, II, III, and IV, as well as "Rocky Balboa." I confess I never saw the first one, but everyone raves over it. I still have a screener the Producer's Guild sent me so I will definitely check it out.