franklyHANK: "The Golden Girls," Half-Price Tix; and Princess Diana

CHICAGO -- "The Golden Girls - The Lost Episodes"
Hell In A Handbag Productions

Now thru August 26, Mary's Attic, Andersonville
$16 General Admission tickets

My Take: Rip roaring hilarity. David Cerda as Dorothy, Ed Jones as Rose, AJ Wright as Blanche and Adrian Hadlock as Sophia. They each play their parts magnificently. This VERY ADULT spoof on the cult-favorite television series is MUST-SEE! There are so many references to minor events in the series, only a true fan can catch them all, but regardless fans of the show will have a good time! Plus, with live commercials between scenes and a trivia game with the worst prizes ever, you can't lose.

1776 Half-Price Tickets
League of Chicago Theatres & Broadway In Chicago
Hot Tix program

To honor our nation's founding, 1776 Half-Price seats are being offered to Disney's "Aladdin" and "The King and I." Tickets to "King" range from $23.50-43.50. Tickets to "Aladdin" range from $55-69 for good seats to $27.50-43.50 for limited-view seats. Both shows are definitely worth seeing. But hurry! When they're gone, they're gone. As of this writing, tickets were still available.

Princess Diana Memorial
This weekend Princes William and Harry will be honoring their late mother on what would have been her 56th birthday. In a private memorial, they plan to rededicate her grave site at her family's estate. The 20th anniversary of Diana's death is August 31.

Harry Potter Turns 20!
Hard to believe but The Boy Who Lived turned 20 this week. Twenty years ago, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was released in the UK (the US title is "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"). Only 500 copies were printed and 300 went to libraries. There wasn't much hope for it and author JK Rowling was told to get a second job because children's book authors didn't make much money. Seven titles later and more than 400 million books sold, Rowling is laughing all the way to the bank! If you haven't read the series, do yourself a favor and do it. It's a fantastic escape from a long hard day and will transport you out of our crazy world into a magical one.