franklyHANK: Xtina, 'Life of the Party,' 'Hamilton' and Joffrey Ballet

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This week Hank has news about Christina Aguilera, "Life of the Party," "Hamilton" and the Joffrey Ballet. (WLS)

This week Hank has news about Christina Aguilera, "Life of the Party," "Hamilton" and the Joffrey Ballet.


FINALLY! Christina Aguilera is back with new music and a new album, six years after last. The track is called "Accelerate" and it's from her forthcoming album, "Liberate," due out June 15. Chicago son Kanye West produced the track. Look for Aguilera's next track to be the Demi Lovato duet, "Fall In Line." Reports indicate it could be as soon as two weeks for that track to drop. Check out the video for "Accelerate" below.

Aguilera also has a small role in the new Melissa McCarthy film, "Life of the Party." That hits theaters on May 11 from New Line Cinema. It's a film the centers on a mom (McCarthy) going back to school and reconnecting with her daughter. Next week, a special screening will be held in Chicago and hosted by Val Warner and her daughter, Zoe. If you would like to attend, nominate your mom and tell them why she is the life of the party. To enter, CLICK HERE.

Watch the trailer below.
A new block of "Hamilton" tickets for the Chicago residency was announced this morning. On Tuesday, May 8, 10 a.m., tickets go on sale for all shows through January 20, 2019. Visit to purchase tickets. Also, download the Hamilton app for your chance to play the daily lottery. You could win up to two tickets for $10 each and they're great seats! "Hamilton" is playing at the CIBC Theatre, 18 W Monroe St.

The Joffrey is closing out its 2017-2018 season with a spectacular show from choreographer Alexander Ekman called "Midsummer Night's Dream." It's a tribute the Swedish midsummer festival. The show is bizarrely beautiful and a sight to see. The opening "straw" number alone is worth the price of the ticket. This is not the Joffrey Ballet you are used to. It's a mix of classical ballet and modern dance. "Midsummer Night's Dream" runs through Sunday, May 6 at the Auditorium Theatre. Purchase tickets at

Watch a preview below.
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