Game of Thrones pop-up opens on Michigan Ave

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Winter is here," at least inside the Michigan Avenue AT&T flagship store, as a Game of Thrones pop-up fills the downtown venue.

The exhibits include real show props and costumes that AT&T's Claudia Gliszczynski said were flown in from Belfast. There's also a replica Iron Throne for you to sit on (but don't get any power-grabbing ideas!).

"I'm feeling very powerful," said visitor Francisco Malafaia, adding that his first act as king would be to "give candies to everybody."

As an added bonus, you can check out virtual reality and augmented reality games in which you try to out-live White Walkers, sword fights north of "The Wall" included.

"As soon as I saw the dead body there, I knew he was going to come to life, so I was ready," said Mary-Jane Eastley who was screaming as the undead creatures surrounded her on a frozen lake.
The special displays will be open through the end of May.
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