Jimmy Kimmel, Matt Damon draw out their feelings in 'couples therapy'

Will actor Matt Damon and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel ever let bygones be bygones? If this "therapy session" is any indication, probably not.

Warning: Adult content

To promote his latest Bourne movie, Damon wanted to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but there was one problem: Kimmel's been "running out of time" to have him on for the past 14 years. Instead, the two returned to couples therapy to talk about what was fueling their long-running "feud."

"It's always the next night's show...'We ran out of time,'" Damon lamented. "I've never met somebody who's so horrible with time management."

The two hashed out what happened during Kimmel's Oscars special, when Damon sneaked onto the set by hiding inside of Ben Affleck suit, and they took a look back at other times Damon "snapped" at his faux foe.

The therapist then asked them to try drawing their feelings. Based on their less-than-mature results, these two are not ready to hug it out anytime soon.
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