John Mahoney stars in play at Steppenwolf Theater

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Oak Park native and "Frasier" star John Mahoney stars in a new play at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater, running through November 5.

In the play, "The Rembrandt," a museum guard touches a painting, and the audience is taken on an artistic spiritual ride through centuries, meeting Rembrandt and the poet Homer.

"I wish I could tell you how funny it is and moving - it really is," said Mahoney.

It's always like watching a master class when 78-year-old Mahoney makes an entrance.

"Mr. Mahoney is fantastic to watch, he makes it look so easy you forget it's tough work," said Grabriel Ruiz, an ensemble member of Chicago's Latino theatre Teatro Vista.

"It's kind of hard when you get to my age...all of a sudden you look at this page after page after page of dialogue to learn and trying to get that into your brain, it's pretty tough," Mahoney said.

Next up for Mahoney? Absolutely nothing...just kicking back at his home in Oak Park.

"First of all I want to stay in Chicago. I learned my lesson about traveling with Fraser...11 years living out of a suitcase in New York. Having the only car in the Paramount lot with an Oak Park sticker on it. I just want to be back home. Be onstage where I enjoy it," Mahoney said.
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