Kacy Catanzaro 1st woman to qualify for finals of American Ninja Warrior

#Mightykacy eats obstacle courses like this for breakfast
This course is really--and by that I mean insanely--hard to finish, but you wouldn't know it by watching Kacy Catanzaro.

American Ninja Warrior is a competition show where some of the most athletic, daring and strong people in the country complete intense obstacle courses. To do well on the show, you have to be good at it all: jumping, climbing, keeping yourself suspended high above the ground...and Catanzaro (or, as America has come to call her, "Mighty Kacy") is great at it all.

Catanzaro, who was a NCAA gymnast for Towson University, was the first woman to qualify for the final round. Her performance on this course determined whether she would move on to Las Vegas. Saying that she nailed it would be a huge understatement. She pretty much dispelled any doubts that she would seal her spot less than a minute in.

After you watch her incredible feats, you'll be agreeing with the announcers: She's not human. She's a superstar.

How long do you think you could you last on this course? Let us know in the comments.
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