Kate Flannery stops by WCL to discuss role with Study Abroad Film Festival

CHICAGO -- Comedian and actress, Kate Flannery, stopped by Windy City LIVE Thursday to chat about her role with the IES Study Abroad Film Festival.

Flannery is known for playing the character, Meredith, in the wildly popular sitcom, "The Office."

She recently hosted the fourth annual IES Study Abroad Film Festival in Chicago on Wednesday, November 1st at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The winning film, "Solitude: A Companion Abroad," was produced by students, Isamael Byers and Kyle Arnold.

The Study Abroad Film Festival gives students the opportunity to share their stories from study abroad trips.

To view the winning IES Study Abroad film, click here.

To purchase a copy of Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery's holiday album, "A Swingin' Little Christmas!" click here.