Legendary tap dancer Maurice Hines holds master class in Chicago

Maurice Hines has been tap dancing since he was 5 years old. His parents enrolled him in a class and wanted his younger brother to join too. Gregory Hines was told he was too young, but Maurice would come home and show him the steps - and Gregory got them right away. They both took the classes and went on to perform together.

Dance has been his life. And he and his brother were the personification of tap dance. They kept the art form alive and infused it with their own style - you can see them dancing together in the movie "The Cotton Club." Gregory passed away, but Maurice keeps tap alive through all of his work and shows.

Maurice is in town to be a teaching a master class on tap for the Human Rhythm Projects 27th Annual Rhythm World Festival of Tap and Percussive Dance.

For more information about the festival check out https://chicagotap.org/



Visit Maurice's website here: http://mauricehines.com/index.html