Naperville man builds "House of the Dead"

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Leo McNamee's front yard boasts possessed dolls, massive insects and dismembered body parts sure to send chills down your spine.

It's all part of "Leo's House of the Dead" at 535 Delkir Court in Naperville, Ill. McNamee has been building his collection of spooky decorations over the past three decades, even getting help from professional prop artists.

"I guarantee I have things you've never seen before," said McNamee.

That statement is hard to argue with when you see the creatures he's custom built, like the "Gator-Ater," which incorporates an actual crocodile taxidermy form.

There are also plenty of Barbie dolls--intact and decapitated--blended into the landscape.

Perhaps most intense is the walkway to the front door. Fog obscures the path, littered with giant insects and unrecognizable creatures. Sounds disorient the visitor until a final popping sound meets them at the door. If you haven't run away by then, there's candy waiting.

See if you're brave enough with a visit Monday or Tuesday night for a spooky Halloween adventure!
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