Pillow Talk: What's your addy?

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"Disappointed" in Chicago wrote a letter for WCL's "Pillow Talk" (WLS)

"Disappointed" from Chicago wrote: "I recently got back in contact with someone I use to date. He would always pop up at my house unannounced. I told him to give me his address so I can pop up at his house unannounced since we decided to date exclusively. His answer was that he lived with a bunch of guys; always an excuse. I told him not to call me anymore until I get an address. He says I'm being childish. I told him he is too at almost 50-years-old. Any text he sends I respond, 'address, please or don't text me.' What do you all think? I feel I've done the right thing."

Val, Ryan and Roe Conn weighed in.

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