Pillow Talk: All about relationships

CHICAGO -- Angi Taylor and Simon Marcel from iHeart Radio's "The Rendezvous" are here to help us out with the topic of relationships!

"All Cried Out" in Naperville wrote in to say, "My husband of 20 years and I separated a few years ago. I left due to reasons that have plagued our relationship for years (him making poor decisions). I feel it's time we both move on, but he won't agree to a divorce. We have history, beautiful children and long-time friends, but he's stuck in a place (mentally, emotionally and physically) where I cannot help him. I'm ready to move on, but how?"

And April in Bellwood wanted to know, "How do you tell your mate that you feel you are in competition with his/her phone?"

Ryan, Val, Ji, Angi and Simon have their work cut out.

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