Pillow Talk: Love and Sex

CHICAGO -- We kick off our "Pillow Talk" hour with three great questions.

Jasmine Nu from Chicago says, "Just found out my boyfriend of three years got another girl pregnant while we were on a break of one week. I don't know what to do."

"Waiting" in Richton Park says "I'm seeing a man who's 'in a relationship' with another woman. He says he's going to leave her. I've been waiting two years. Should I tell the other woman that we're seeing each other? I'm tired of waiting."

Lynn in Wheaton writes "I prefer to think of other people when my husband and I have sex. Is it a sign that I am not attracted to him? We have been married 30 years and are mainly happy."

Ryan, Val, Ji, and special guests, Leon Rogers and Kendra G from WGCI's Chicago Morning Takeover are weighing in.

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