Pillow Talk: Mama's girl and mama's boy

CHICAGO -- They are friend of WCL and often seen on the show, from WGN-AM radio, Roe Conn and Anna Davlantes, are here to help out with Pillow Talk.

Kelly in Wilmington writes, "My daughter is turning 12 and I have told her she cannot date any boys yet because I don't want her to deal with drama. Should I tell her it is okay and just teach her how to deal with the drama?"

Dorothy in Zion writes, "My husband talks to his mom on the phone in the bed all the time. He works third shift so she calls whn he wakes up. Some nights he is off and should be talking to me. They talk about everything including bible study. I'm glad he loves his mom, but it's just too much. What should I do?"

Ryan, Val, Ji, Roe and Anna lend their advice.

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