Six Flags unveils 'world's largest loop coaster'

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The new Mardi Gras Hangover dangles riders upside down--100 feet in the air. (WLS)

Six Flags Great America unveiled its new Mardi Gras Hangover roller coaster, dangling riders upside down--100 feet in the air.

Dubbed the "world's largest loop coaster" by the park, the Hangover sends riders forward and backward in complete loops a total of six times. At the top of one rotation (100 feet up), the coaster pauses, giving riders a sense of weightlessness as they look at the world upside down.

"I thought I was going to come out of my seat," said Jayne Nordstrom.

"It was terrifying," added Kimberly Ghys of the ride, with a smile.

Nordstrom said she'd ride again; Ghys doesn't plan on it.

Those brave enough to be repeat riders can help Special Olympics Illinois by joining the Coaster Challenge at Six Flags Great America on September 15. The annual event raises money by having thrill-seekers ride different distances, like a 5K or a marathon, on roller coasters at Great America.

The Mardi Gras Hangover opens to the public on Saturday.
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