Summer Getaway Destination: Cedar Point Amusement Park

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Summer Getaway Destination: Cedar Point Amusement Park (WLS)

Cedar Point is the second-oldest amusement park in America and it is a short 4.5- hour ride from Chicago to the shores of Lake Erie.

It is a roller coaster enthusiast's dream park with 18 coasters to choose from, including their newest addition Steel Vengeance which is the world's first hyper-hybrid and it's a record breaker.

Plus, Cedar Point has rides for kids of all ages, plus an 18-acre waterpark called Cedar Point Shores. And they have four hotels on property with dinging and live attractions, so you don't have to have kids to make this a must go destination.

Win a Cedar Point Family 4 Pack, which includes a room with two queen-size beds, which holds up to 4 people, for two nights and four complimentary tickets to the park.

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