'The Boss Baby' director, producer talk film production

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "The Boss Baby" is an animated comedy that opens Friday about a pint sized tyrant on a mission to pit kids against canines.

The filmmakers talked to ABC 7 about bringing a baby in a suit and tie to life with Alec Baldwin's voice and wit.

"The Boss Baby" is about sibling rivalry, and finding enough love in the family for everyone, and the filmmakers could relate.

"I'm the boss baby, my brother was two years older than me and we tortured each other and were very competitive as kids, either he's your hero, your best friend or your worst nemesis," Tom McGrath, the director, said.

The plot is a fantasy about a baby who's trying to sabotage puppies who are getting too much attention.

Alec Baldwin voices the bossy boy.

"Alec was the first and only choice and I had worked with him on 'Madagascar 2' before. I took a baby from 'Megamind,' which I had previously done and took lines from '30 Rock,' seeing this cute baby with Alec's voice coming out sold the movie," McGrath said.

"When we started this film he had one child and over the course of three and a half years he had three more, Ramsey Ann Naito, the film's producer, said. "It was really special for him to be working on a film he could share with his family."

"Now with CGI you really can create sensational, three dimensional experiences, but it always comes down to character and story and we relate to all the characters that reflect the goodness in ourselves," Naito said. null
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