'Transformers' actors hit red carpet during U.S. premiere in Chicago

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A red carpet event for the "Transformers: The Last Knight" movie was held June 20, 2017 along the Chicago River. (WLS)

The U.S. premiere of "Transformers: The Last Knight" was held Tuesday night in Chicago - the fifth chapter of a franchise that won't quit.

With special previews hitting theaters, the film has already made over $5.5 million, and a sequel is already on the way. The premiere was held at the Civic Opera House and a red carpet was set up along the Chicago River in front of the theater.

"Every time you go through one of those big set pieces every time you finish one of those big scenes and all that stuff goes off you're literally buzzing," said actor Josh Duhamel, who plays" Lennox."

In the movie, the Autobots and humans are fighting, Optimus Prime has gone rogue and there are knights, Nazis and an English Lord.

"I've actually never shot that part of history and I've never shot a knight battle you can only do that in England," said director Michael Bay

"I think the favorite thing for Michael to watch me do as an actor aside from the physical stuff is to go crazy and be quirky and react to these different situations," said actor Mark Wahlberg, who plays "Cade Yeager."

Anthony Hopkins on set earned a rap name T-Hop and claims this was the most acting enjoyment he has had in a while.

Sir Anthony Hopkins, who plays "Sir Edmund Burton," gets to be funny, but the new females in the franchise are strong women.

Among the women is an Oxford professor love interest, the other a teen fighter.

Two of the 'bots - at least their voices -- were also on the red carpet and apologized for wrecking our city in the last film.

"I'm terribly sorry, I won't do it again I'll try not to leave such a huge footprint," joked
Peter Cullen, voice of Optimus Prime.

"It is very difficult for Megatron to apologize," said Frank Welker, voice of Megatron.

The new "Transformers" movie cost $217 million to produce. But that may be OK since the last film grossed over $1 billion.

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