Valentine's Day gift-giving can include a gift for both partners

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Valentine's Day is Sunday and as many people do their shopping, there may be some who are thinking more of themselves than their partner this year.

Margaux Farrell and Austin Owen, who have been dating for six months, already surprised each other with early Valentine's Day gifts. On Friday, they paid homage to Paris' Pont des Arts bridge by putting their lock on Sofitel Hotel's Love Locks installation.

"He gave me this necklace with my initial on it," Farrell said. "And he just moved into a new house so I got him some housewarming stuff."

Austin added: "This is definitely the best Valentine's day I've ever experienced."

Researchers at the University of Chicago and university's Booth School of Business recently released a study about how couples over time tend to give gifts for the couple's benefit not just the individual.

"You don't appear selfish in the same way when you're benefiting yourself because you know that your partner gets some benefit, from the benefit that you, yourself, gets," said U of C psychologist Alex Shaw.

Professor Ayelet Fishbach, of the business school, said decision-making may look selfish but can also be a sign of closeness. Separating each other may not be as easy, which is sign of closeness.

The Stanley couple, who have been married for 10 years, said they buy gifts that benefit the household or both of them.

"Some of them I can't say," said Ruth Stanley laughing. "Some of them, it's for the pleasure of two."

Terry Stanley, her husband, said he agrees.

If you are the gift-giver or fortunate enough to receive a gift this Valentine's Day if may be that it truly is the thought that counts.
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