Van Jones stops by before his Chicago Theatre show

Van Jones is in town for We Rise Tour where he is traveling the country with 14 stops talking to people about how we "focus on our commonalities as opposed to our differences."

The 48-year-old Jones says he is left of Pluto when it comes to his politics and fears Trump is worse than we know. He is challenging progressives "to think beyond partisan divides to work on social justice issues, such as mass incarceration and the drug epidemics."

He worked for Obama, was one of the only people who predicted Trump might win and famously called the election a "whitewash." He hosts a show on CNN called The Messy Truth. He is also a Yale educated lawyer who doesn't practice law, author and co-founder of Dream Corps. He is married to President Jimmy Carter's niece Jana Carter and they have two young boys.

You can catch Van tonight at the Chicago Theater at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are still available here.