Veteran's life after Iraq War explored in new movie "Thank You for Your Service"

"Thank You for Your Service" is a new movie that tells the true story of some Iraq war veterans trying to salvage their lives and humanity once they returned home.

ABC 7's Janet Davies talked to Oscar-nominated actor Miles Teller, and the actual sergeant he plays, Sgt. Adam Schumann, about this timely drama.

Miles Teller plays Iraq war veteran Sgt. Adam Schumann. Coming home from the battlefield to his loving family couldn't ease the anguish of what he'd endured. The veteran saw his reality reflected on the screen

Janet Davies: "Adam, when you met Miles, how did you size him up, what did you think?"

Sgt. Adam Schumann: "He's intense, he really just grabbed a shovel and started digging right in and asked all the questions and everything about him impressed me."

Director Jason Hall was Oscar-nominated for the script he wrote for another war saga, "American Sniper." He knew Teller would do justice to this story.

"He's got a naturalism to him, there's an everyman quality and it was really important to me to have somebody who was salt of the earth who felt who these guys are," said Jason Hall, director and writer of "Thank You for Your Service."

Miles Teller: "There's no way for it not to change you. This role required so much of me' it required an emotional maturity that I hadn't experienced up until this film."

Davies:"Your reaction when you finally saw the film on screen?"

Sgt. Adam Schumann: "It's been a positive experience for me from the get go and it's kind of been a therapy session for me reliving all this stuff and being able to see the success that I've made. If it wasn't painful and I didn't have those moments where it really tore at me at my core then they wouldn't have done their job and it's just a true testament to how well everybody that worked on this film did."
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