Watch Britney Spears, dancers wake Jimmy Kimmel up in the middle of the night

It must be a very confusing experience to be woken up at 2 a.m. by Britney Spears performing in your room. And Jimmy Kimmel could tell you exactly how confusing it is.

With the help of Kimmel's wife, the singer "broke in" to surprise the unsuspecting talk show host. Kimmel, himself a fan of pranks, has said he's quite the heavy sleeper. He could not stay asleep, though, when his room was suddenly filled music, lights and exotic dancers. And there was Spears, holding back giggles and singing "Make Me," a song from her new album Glory.

Unfortunately for Kimmel, this is not the first time a music superstar has disturbed his slumber. For April Fool's last year, Rihanna pulled the same stunt.
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