Young suburban dancers to share stage with Justin Bieber

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. (WLS) -- Three young suburban girls are sure to make "Beliebers" envious at Allstate Arena this weekend. The girls get to be backup dancers at one of Justin Beiber's concerts.

When Justin Bieber set up a dance contest to perform on stage with him, "Beliebers" responded, posting their pleas - and dances - on YouTube. Kya Hoskins made it, and so did Hanah Ohel and Jordyn Shapiro.

"Once you get an opportunity like, why would you pass it up?" Hoskins said.

The winners worked to polish their moves Wednesday night in Buffalo Grove.

"It's like Saturday, it's so close. Ahhh!" Ohel said.

"I'm like okay, I need to pick out what I'm wearing. I need to practice, I need to get ready. Just be all prepared," Shapiro said.

And they realize this is more than just dancing.

"Just keep working hard, and all the energy and time you spend on what you're doing. It will eventually come up . It will be your time to shine," Ohel said.

"I realize, like, maybe this person can do it. I don't think I can. But after this happened, I think I can," Shapiro said.

A total of 8 boys and girls will be performing with Justin Bieber at AllState Arena: four on Friday night and four on Saturday.

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