Your heart will swell over Winnie the Pooh, the Queen, and Prince George uniting


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It's a celebration of royal proportions!

For the first time, two of Britain's most beloved icons are celebrating their 90th year by appearing together in a special storybook adventure. Winnie the Pooh and the Royal Birthday is a new illustrated and audio story that follows Pooh and friends on a journey to Buckingham Palace to give the queen her birthday gift.

Illustrated in the classic E.H. Shepard style by Mark Burgess, Pooh and friends travel through London on a "blustery" open-top bus, touring the sights before finally approaching Queen Elizabeth.

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No spoiler alerts here, just be prepared for your heart to get all melty-gooey like a tub of hunny.

It couldn't possibly get any more adorable, right? It does. The next-level cuteness of this GIF of Piglet and Prince George made us audibly squeal.

And here's the gang checking out the guards at Buckingham Palace.

And finally, our hearts grew three sizes looking at Winnie the Pooh singing a song for the Queen.

With October 2016 marking 90 years since Winnie the Pooh's first published appearance in the Hundred Acre Wood, isn't it only fitting that he share his special milestone with the Royal Family? Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth and Pooh. 90 years look grand on you.

Visit the Disney-inspired video portal to download and experience the royal adventure yourself.

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