Facing Disability launches app for those with spinal cord injuries

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Facingdisability.com is the brainchild of Thea Flaum, a Chicago filmmaker.

"We founded facingdisability.com out of own family experience," Flaum said. "We focus on those families who often feel so isolated to give them a place to come to. We found people to be interviewed we had experience with spinal cord injuries we interviewed them on camera in HD video."

The site now has 1,400 videos of people who have dealt with spinal cord injuries answering questions. Flaum and her team are now trying to launch an app.

Josh Golden, founder of Table XI's team, developed their app. The goal is to make it easy to do and to include more people all over the world without having to send a crew.

"Look into the camera, speak, and it can automate all of the sending of the video, handling all of the pieces that would normally stumble a user and just make it really straightforward to do," Golden explained.

One of the people featured on facingdisability.com is Stephanie Kanter.

"It's pretty awesome actually," Kanter said. "What this app provide is this amazing opportunity for everyone to have a voice."

Facingdisability.com's app is currently only available on the iPhone and iPad.
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