Fake Facebook profile used to set up kidnapping, rape of California teen

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. -- Madera County sheriff's deputies tracked down a suspect who kidnapped and raped a teenage girl in April and they're concerned he claimed more victims.

Deputies say Carlos Bolaños is a predator who used a fake Facebook account to lure his victim into a meeting.

And they know he used the same account to talk to other people as well.

A dark secret hid behind the Facebook profile claiming to be Maritza Martinez.

A young girl who felt befriended by Martinez found out how dangerous it is to make Facebook friends with strangers.

"Social media profiles fake profiles are unfortunately prevalent nowadays, so it's always to make sure you know who you're talking to," said Kayla Serratto, the public information officer for the Madera County sheriff's office.

Madera County detectives found out a 22-year-old man controlled the Maritza Martinez profile and used it to arrange a meeting in April with the girl who's under the age of 14.

Investigators say Carlos Bolaños coaxed the girl into his van near Madera High School, took her into rural Madera County, and raped her more than once.

They released video of the van as it passed near Madera South High School and got several tips pointing to Bolaños, so they arrested him on warrants from assault and drug cases where he skipped court.

"During an interview with detectives, Bolaños confessed to the rape that was reported in April," Serratto said.

Deputies say he also admitted to using the fake profile, which is inactive now.

Detectives are actively seeking any potential additional victims, male or female, who may have been solicited by the fake profile of "Maritza Martinez," and assaulted by Bolanos.

But before it went offline, detectives saw evidence Bolaños had used it to contact several people other than the young victim who reported the crime in April.

"Madera County sheriff's detectives are still actively investigating this case and are seeking any additional possible victims - male or female - who may have been solicited by this fake profile," Serratto said.

Bolaños is booked into the Madera County jail on a total of 14 charges and they're holding him without bail.

The DA's office plans to file a new case against him Thursday for the April case.

If you or someone you know may be a victim or have information regarding this case please contact the Madera County Sheriff's Office at 559-675-7770.
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