Fall wine suggestions from Coda di Volpe

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As we close in on fall, you might want to switch up what you're eating and drinking to keep things fresh.

Wine Director and Sommelier at Coda di Volpe in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood Nancy Shapardanis joined ABC7 Chicago in the studio to tell us about some of the best wines to try this time of year.

Shapardanis said fortified wines are perfect for the spicy and savory season of autumn as they are warming, richer, and offer similar flavor notes such as caramel, nuts, and apples.

Four things to know about fortified wines:

  • They are stronger and boozier than typical wines

  • They are relativity unknown and underappreciated

  • They are the most complex wines because they go through a longer fermenting process

  • They pair very well with food

  • She says a hidden gem is Sardinian sherry, which is hard to find. It's known to have salinity with dried floras, as well as a nuttiness. It is also dry and tart, to wake up the taste buds and prime them for a meal. She says it's scientifically proven to help you taste a meal more intensely.

    Another suggestion from Shapardanis is Manzanilla sherry, the driest sherry, perfect aperitif. "Manzanilla" means chamomile and the wine reflects this with similar flavors. It also has a salty, bitter almond component.

    Sardinian Sherry and Manzanilla pair expertly with olives and nuts - it's a flavor explosion! They each offer salty and briny components that mirror each other. It's like an Instagram filter for your food.

    If you're looking for a rare wine from Sardinia, try Atzori Vernacchia di Oristano 2006 and 1996. It's only released every 10 years and is considered a dying art, with just six producers remaining.

    For more suggestions, check out our video or visit Coda di Volpe.
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