Ice chunks rain down on downtown Chicago intersection

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Police and firefighters scrambled to get out of the way as falling ice chunks came raining down on a Loop intersection Wednesday afternoon.

First responders were called in after huge chunks of ice were seen dangling from an upper floor. They blocked off the area near Wells and Monroe after a massive section of ice was knocked off the building by window washing equipment.

"It was quite a commotion," A.J. Tellez said. "You just seen everyone looking up and trying to figure out if there was more ice going to fall down."

No one was hurt. The scene was reminiscent of 2011, when slabs of ice were seen fell from the Willis Tower, damaging vehicles down below.

"I kind of try to walk under awnings as much as I can," pedestrian Martina Cronin said.

Ice on the ground is also a danger. In west suburban Bellwood, some sidewalks are tough to navigate.

"Just a few seconds, an old lady was walking. You worry for them, for the elderly, who've got to walk up and down the streets," pedestrian Everett Gause said.

In fact, in the past week Rush University Medical Center has seen triple the number of slip-and-fall cases.

"A lot of wrist fractures, a lot of elbow fractures, in particular nasty ones requiring surgery," said Dr. John Fernandez, an ortopedic surgeon.

Dr. Fernandez says there's always an uptick in slip and fall injuries in January, but this past week - with how stubbornly the ice has stuck around, and the timing of the holidays - it's been especially busy.

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