Baby born along Lake Shore Drive during morning snow storm

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A woman gave birth to a baby girl early Tuesday during a snow storm in her car along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago's South Side after they couldn't make it to the hospital in time.

The dad told the paramedics that they were headed to Mount Sinai Hospital, but that his wife's water broke in the car. Rush hour traffic was crawling due to the snow.

The couple was forced to pull over on East Hayes Drive, which is roughly near 63rd Street. Two paramedics arrived on the scene and delivered the seven-pound baby.

"When a baby wants to come, the baby comes," said paramedic Anthony Prowell, who responded to the scene.

Prowell and fellow paramedic Kimberly Bailey were finishing their 24-hour shift at 7 a.m. but their replacements were stuck in traffic. So they stayed for one more call, which came across simply as "maternity."

The baby girl is the couple's second child and he knew there was no way to make it to the hospital in time so mom laid back in the front seat and started to push.

Prowell cut the cord and said the baby immediately started crying and looked good.

"Mom did well and everybody did what they were supposed to do," Bailey said.

After the baby was born, the paramedics brought them to the University of Chicago Hospital where mom and baby are doing well. null
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