Baby's delivery costs nearly $1 million, bankrupts parents

A Canadian couple is now facing a $1 million bill for the birth of their baby.

A Canadian couple is facing bankruptcy after the birth of their baby. Baby Reece's early arrival came with a hefty price tag of $1 million.

Jennifer Huculak was six months pregnant when she traveled to Hawaii last year. She got Blue Cross travel insurance, and her doctor cleared her to fly, but two days into the vacation, her water broke and she spent six weeks on bed rest in a Hawaiian hospital.

Reece arrived nine weeks early and spent two months in intensive care. The treatment cost $950,000, but Blue Cross is refusing to pay, citing a high-risk pregnancy.

"It's a very sad situation to be in and people need to be aware that the insurance companies will deny you if they have anything they can go on," said Reece's mother Jennifer Hucculak.

Hucculak says she had been treated for a bladder infection. Her doctor wrote to Blue Cross saying it did not lead to early labor but her coverage was still denied.
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