Dust devil rips bounce house, boy into the air

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL -- An unexpected mini-tornado disrupted a Children's Day celebration in Brazil. The dramatic 'dust devil' lifted an inflatable bouncer, injuring an 8-year-old boy who fell from it.

The party was being held in western Sao Paulo's Panorama City. The event was in full swing when the furious 'dust devil' formed in the air near the festival. While many stopped to watch the weather event, others continued to enjoy the street festivities, including the children in the bouncer.

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The tiny twister then quickly turned directly towards the dozens of families on the street, knocking over a trampoline up into the air. The whirlwind then picked up the bouncer as several children tried to bail out at the last moment. One boy didn't make it out in time and was thrown to the ground while the bouncer flew across a field.

The boy was injured but is expected to be OK, according to 9NEWS AUSTRALIA.
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