Family pays tribute to fallen officer in touching photo shoot

NORFOLK, Va. -- It's a photo essay of love, loss, and bravery that's tugging at heartstrings all across social media.

A widow, and her 3 children, celebrating their hero, a fallen Norfolk police officer, in a poignant set of pictures.

Mom Rebecca Jones starts their story with a photo that reads, "Once upon a time I fell in love with a police officer."

Their daughter is next with a picture that says, "They loved each other so much that they made me."

"And me..."

"And me..." explain their two sons in a series of framed notes.

"We had ups and downs, but together we had it all."

"We lived, we laughed we loved."

"Then one day, my daddy had to go to heaven."

The kids, managing to smile after a year without their dad.

And their mom, now a widow, reminding everyone that the world lost another hero.

"But someday, we'll see him again."

"Until then, he's forever in our hearts."

Brian "Happy" Jones died in the line of duty in May of 2014.

The Navy Veteran was ambushed with a high-powered rifle after pursuing a man who was shooting people at random, killing a 17-year-old boy.

The family got the idea from a similar spread on Pinterest.

Photographer Nikki Eliza donated her time to help the family heal through photos.

You can see the entire spread again by clicking on the link below:

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