Viral video reveals toddler sabotaging mom's housework

Parents with little children know that everything gets messed up the moment you've cleaned it. Instead of explaining how this happens, this woman showed it.

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Esther Anderson put a camera on her toddler, and then they both went about their daily business. The 15-month-old's business, though, seems to involve making her mom's life more difficult, whether it's pulling clean clothes out of the dryer or dumping toys that her mom just picked up.

Consequently, Anderson just can't get anything done.

"Sometimes at the end of a long day of work I sit down, exhausted, and realize the house still looks like it did when I woke up," Anderson told Storyful.

Anderson is not the only one who experiences this phenomenon, as evidenced by the 50 million views her video got on Facebook in 24 hours.

The mom and her toddler may look familiar, as this isn't their first charming portrayal of everyday life. In December they went viral when Anderson made a video to show how impossible it is to sleep with a baby in the bed.
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