How to avoid cabin fever during the COVID-19 outbreak

CHICAGO (WLS) -- With everyone stuck at the house during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can get a little challenging to keep parents and kids occupied.

So, Donna Bozzo, known as 'The Go-To Mom' offers some advice on how parents can schedule activities for families while at home during the "shelter-in-place" order for Illinois residents.

Donna suggested parents set up work stations for their kids during the day, so they can take breaks from their work like they would during a normal school day.

Donna also suggested parents could set up cooking times with kids to prepare dinner while everyone is at home together.

Family game nights could also be a great way to pass the time with classics like Yahtzee, charades or even making up new games for the family with all this extra time.

For more tips on activities for the family while everyone is at home during the COVID-19 pandemic visit Donna's website at
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