Mom-to-be gets hair dyed to reveal baby's gender

(Amber Sacrison/YouTube)

When South Dakota couple Amanda and Gerald learned they were expecting, the mom-to-be decided on a bold way to learn the baby's gender: dyeing all of her hair to be pink or blue.

The original plan was to only dye part of Amanda's hair, according to Amber Sacrison, a stylist at Salon One in Rapid City, S.D. Eventually, though, Amanda decided to commit and get all of her hair dyed in the mystery color for the reveal, which happened last November.

Sacrison said she covered the mirror in front of Amanda while her hair was being dyed. When she was done, she took a towel off Amanda's head to show the couple that they would be having a boy. Amanda's reaction to the reveal was captured in a video Sacrison posted to Facebook.

"I was gonna cry so hard if it was a girl. I'm not gonna cry," Amanda says in the video as she hugs and kisses Gerald. "Thank you, Lord!"

The stylist wrote at the time that she had fun and couldn't wait to do similar reveals for other couples.

The video went viral, and Sacrison posted it to YouTube in April.

"I am very happy to have been apart [sic] of the beautiful, exciting moment," she reflected.
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