Mom's 'My child is NOT required to share with yours' post goes viral

Sharing is one of the tough lessons we take great care teaching toddlers and one of the building blocks of being a fair and responsible person.

Or is it?

A Missouri mom's very viral and controversial social media post called "My child is NOT required to share with yours" might make you think.

Alanya Kolberg explains that when her son Carson brought some of his own toys to the park, at least 6 boys ran over and demanded that he share.

Alanya told Carson he doesn't have to if he does't want to.

She says she got some dirty looks from other parents, but explains her position like this: "If I, an adult, walked into the park eating a sandwich, am I required to share my sandwich with strangers in the park? No!"

She continues: "We don't live in a world where it's conducive to give up everything you have to anyone just because they said so, and I'm not going to teach my kid that that's the way it works."