New Year's Day marks special 1st birthday for Warrenville twins

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This New Year's Day s is one a couple in suburban Warrenville won't soon forget. (WLS)

Anastasia and Francesca Treff will turn 1 on New Year's Day, but it's how the twin girls made their grand entrance into the world that's something their parents and grandparents will never forget.

The twins were due February 13th and there were no signs the girls were going to be born early until their mom, Kristie Treff, began to feel ill while visiting her parents at their home. Kristie thought a bath would make her feel better. "I'm in the tub I'm saying this not happening oh my gosh," Treff said.

It was happening ...Treff was in labor. "I felt a huge gush, it was my water broke, I put my hands near my legs and I felt the baby's head," Treff said.

With the help of a 911 operator on the phone Kristie's mother delivered Anastasia. "I laid her on the bathroom floor, I didn't think to put down sheet...and a baby came out right in my arms," said Diane Ebbole.

Paramedics arrived and took over while Kristie, her husband, and parents waited for the second baby. "They wanted to move me and I said no this baby is coming...I can feel the baby coming," Treff said.

Warrenville Fire Department Lt. Bill Nolan delivered Francesca. "Mom was really calm and kept it together," Nolan said.

"My daughter, she is the hero in this she was incredible, who delivers twins with nothing on a bathroom floor," said Diane Ebbole.

One year later Anastasia and Francesca are healthy energetic beautiful one-year-olds.

The girls will be the guests of honor as they celebrate their first birthdays at the Warrenville Fire Department.
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