Pillow Talk: Awkward teen and boyfriend's kid

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Ryan, Val, Garrard McClendon, and 93.9 radio host, Melissa Forman are sharing advice.

Ann from Crown Point, IN wrote in to say: "My teen daughter has zero social skills. She interrupts conversations often, only wants to do or talk about what she likes, making her a very lonely girl. She only touches the surface with efforts to bind with others. I don't feel this is the most-healthy position for someone her age to be in. What do I do? Can these skills be taught in a formal setting? Counseling?"

Relationship - The Kids

Jovan from Richton Park wrote in to say: "I'm dating a guy with small kids. Am I obligated to go on outings with the kids? When we are supposed to have date night, he forgets about our date and makes arrangements with his ex to keep his small daughter. I sometimes choose not to even go on the date. Is this wrong? May I add, when you tell this almost 4-year-old child 'No', she cries like no other child I have seen and it's worse in public."

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