Pillow Talk: Bossy sister and secret kids

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Ryan, Val and radio hosts, Justin Roman and Brooke Taylor are sharing advice.

Pillow Talk: Sister Makes Vacation a Living Hell
Kim from Chicago wrote in to say: "Every February, I leave for Miami to spend some time on the beach to rejuvenate and relax. I stay for one week without any agenda. Last year my older sister invited herself. It was a disaster because she's really bossy... She also rented a car which I never do... and she expected me to share the bill. Now I'm planning my trip for March and she wants to come again. How do I tell her I don't want to go with her or anyone? I simply don't want any company! It's my sister and I don't want tension in the family! Mom says don't tell her I'm going. HELP!"

Pillow Talk: Secret Kids

Nicole from Bloomingdale wrote in to say: "I've been seeing this guy for a year. We go out a couple nights each week. I'm so attracted to him and I love him, but haven't said it yet because I'm hiding a big secret. I'm a single mom of four kids. He knows I have one, but not four. When we first met I thought the relationship would be three months tops having fun with someone who doesn't know me as mom. I'm 25 and was recently divorced so I felt like I needed someone to see me for me. It took me six months to tell him I was a mom. I feel horrible for hiding this. I love my kids so much and I want to tell him, but have I waited too long? If not how do I bring it up? I'm scared that will be the end of us."

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