Pillow Talk: Catfished and attraction

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Ryan, Val and radio hosts, Justin Roman and Brooke Taylor are sharing advice.

Pillow Talk: Catfished her Parents - There's no Boyfriend
LaShawn from Chicago wrote in to say: "My mom and dad are always asking me when I'm going to settle down and if I am seeing anyone. A few months ago my parents came to visit and asked again. I lied and told them I'm seeing the good-looking man in the picture frame that I have on my entry way table. It's the sample photo from when I purchased the frame. I had to make an excuse as to why he didn't spend the holidays with me. We have a family vacation coming up in April and my parents are expecting him to show. I feel so bad I cat-fished my parents! I want to tell them the truth, but I don't know how!"

Pillow Talk: Not Attracted to the Guy

Deborah from Chicago wrote in to say: "I recently met a guy online. He's nice, but I'm not attracted to him. On our first date, he kept looking at me smiling. Flattering? Yes. Off putting? Yes. He spoke about wanting to go on a second, third date, and eventually us going on a trip. Uhm, not so much. I don't have any other prospects though. He said his end goal is to be my boyfriend. We're in our 40's. Who even uses that word? I told him I'm not interested in a relationship right now. He said 'Maybe in time.' I want and deserve sparks. In the meantime, would it be wrong for me to continue to see this man, especially since I was straight up with him in the beginning."

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