Pillow Talk: Paying the bills and cheaters

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Ryan, Val, comedian Pablo Francisco and TV personality Louise Monger are sharing advice on Pillow Talk.

She's Paying the Bills
Angela from Aurora wrote in to say: "I've been with my boyfriend for two years now. Since we moved in together I have been paying all bills. He gives me his half of the rent money, but that's it. This has taken a toll on our relationship. I'm not as into him as I was before (sexually too). Is it time to leave? Or should I stay strong and stick by his side?"

He's Sleeping with a "Straight" Married Man

Jason from Chicago wrote in to say: "I've been hooking up with the same guy for over 10 years since college. We always have been 'Netflix and Chill' friends. No questions, just sex. He told me his name was Matt and I've been over to his multiple times. One day he asked me to call him, but I got his voicemail and his real name. I looked him up on Facebook and saw that he is married with two kids. I've known about this now for some time and he has no clue. Should I confront him or just ignore the whole thing and continue hooking up with him? I have been with him longer than his wife, and I feel like his life is a sham."

She Cheated, Now Boyfriend Doesn't Trust Her
Nikki from Chicago wrote in to say: "I cheated on my current boyfriend with an ex, became pregnant, but ended up miscarrying. My current boyfriend says he doesn't trust me anymore, but we still have sex and see each other. I'm trying to gain back trust, but he's constantly saying and doing hurtful things to make me feel bad about what happened. It really hurts my feelings so much, but we've been together five years and I'm attached. Should I just move on and heal or should I keep fighting to earn trust?"

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