Restaurant offers discount to families who put away phones at table

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- A restaurant in Pennsylvania is encouraging families to put down their phones at the dinner table.

Owners of Sarah's Corner Cafe on Main Street in Stroudsburg will take 10-percent off your tab, as long as you keep your eyes off your phone.

"This is family charging time, leave your phone in the basket," says a message that hangs next to the specials at Sarah's Corner Cafe.

"It's great. You need more one on one with people. There is too much technology and people don't talk to people anymore. There is no interaction with people so it's good," patron Susan DeBoer said.

Families of four or more who put their cell phones away will receive 10-percent off their tab.

Christina Conte from Stroudsburg says the only thing in her hand at the table was her silverware.

"I think it's cool because we can talk to our family instead of like on our phones texting people," Conte said.

Some other people think during a time where text messages and social media trump actual conversation, this is a good effort to get on board with.

"No, you know we just sat here shooting the breeze, talking about what have you and no one picked up their phones. It was nice," said Charles Mullaney.

People who spoke to WNEP said they would like to see more places advocating to get rid of this distraction, so they can distract each other. They say there is nothing worse than sitting across from someone at the dinner table with their face in their phone.

Susan DeBoer says she doesn't need the discount - she just likes the idea of cell phone free time with her children.

"No, I don't even care about that. Just don't have the cell phone so we can talk to each other. That is better," she said.