Son pays off parents' mortgage for Christmas

One family received a truly heartwarming gift this holiday.

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Reddit user Sharkbite0592 posted the above video on Christmas day with the title "Son pays off parents' mortgage as a Christmas present." The Reddit user says the son in the video is the founder of the iOS app Videoshop, Joseph Riquelme. In the video, Riquelme is huddled together with his parents on the couch when he announces he has one more gift to give.

Riquelme then pulls out a letter from his pocket and hands it to his mother. Riquelme's mother looks at the letter and instantly bursts into tears and passes it along to the father, who becomes swept with emotion.

Reddit users were very receptive to the video, stating "hope I can do something like this for my parents one day" and "So awesome to see . . . this is what I've been planning to do since forever." Check out the heartwarming video above.
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