Philadelphia twin toddlers re-enact scenes from 'Frozen'

PHILADELPHIA -- If you love "Frozen" and you just can't "Let it go," we present the Philadelphia twin sisters whose re-enactment of scenes from the Disney film are melting hearts -- even those of snow queens.

Madelyn and Scarlett turn 2 next week, and mom caught them perfectly performing scenes from the film.

Colleen Jordan shared it on Facebook, and BOOM, it spread faster than winter in Arendelle -- 12 million views and counting.

Mom says Maddie is usually always Elsa and Scarlett is Anna.

The gals were born 2 months early, and the preemies have big talent.

The video is going wildly viral, even Livvy Stubenrach, the voice of young Anna in "Frozen", shared it, calling it "the cutest thing ever!"

Social media agrees.

By the way, they also have a Mickey and Minnie routine down pat (which we've posted below).

A perfect pair. Get these girls an agent.

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