Two expecting moms get surprise gifts

CHICAGO -- This week, "Windy City LIVE" is making people's days brighter.

The entire studio audience is filled with expecting mothers and new moms.

Two lucky audience members, who also happen to be the youngest and oldest moms in the audience, went home with some very special gifts.

The Spa at the Wit Hotel gave each mother a gift card for a prenatal massage. The Swedish style massage is great for expectant mothers outside of their first trimester. The massage is a soothing treatment that helps relax tense muscles, ease sore spots and improves circulation, mobility and other discomforts. For more information about the Spa at the Wit, please visit:

Pampers gave each mother a three month supply of Pampers Swaddlers diapers and wipes. Pampers Swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals and the first diaper worn by millions of babies. Pampers Swaddlers comforts and protects babies through their entire journey of firsts, helping to ensure their happy, healthy development. Pampers diapers have a soft outer core, wrapping your baby in comfort and protection - lasting up to 12 hours for overnight protection. Pampers diapers include a color changing wetness indicator, that signals when baby may need to be changed, as well as an Absorb Away Liner to pull wetness and mess away from babies' skin. Pampers Swaddlers also feature three separate Extra Absord Channels in the diaper's core that help distribute wetness evenly from front to back - unlike ordinary which have one unstructured core. For more information about Pampers, please visit